Reading List

Sept 12 – Stochastic and deterministic mechanisms of assembly

  • Vellend, B. M. 2010. Conceptual Synthesis in Community Ecology. The Quarterly Review of Biology 85:183–206. (pdf)
  • Chase, J. M. 2007. Drought mediates the importance of stochastic community assembly. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104:17430–17434. (pdf)

Sept 19 – no class
Sept 26 – no class
Oct 3 – Functional-trait based assembly

  • McGill, B.J., Enquist, B.J., Weiher, E., and Westoby, M. (2006). Rebuilding community ecology from functional traits. Trends Ecol. Evol. 21, 178–185. (pdf)
  • Fontaine, C., Dajoz, I., Meriguet, J., and Loreau, M. (2005). Functional Diversity of Plant–Pollinator Interaction Webs Enhances the Persistence of Plant Communities. PLoS Biol 4, e1. (pdf)

Oct 10 – Phylogenetic constraints on assembly

  • Emerson, B. C., and R. G. Gillespie. 2008. Phylogenetic analysis of community assembly and structure over space and time. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 23:619–630. (pdf)
  • Crisp, M. D., M. T. K. Arroyo, L. G. Cook, M. A. Gandolfo, G. J. Jordan, M. S. McGlone, P. H. Weston, M. Westoby, P. Wilf, and H. P. Linder. 2009. Phylogenetic biome conservatism on a global scale. Nature 458:754–756. (pdf)

Oct 17 – Fall Break
Oct 24 – Role of dispersal limitation in exotic invasions

  • Shurin, J. 2000. Dispersal limitation, invasion resistance, and the structure of pond zooplankton communities. Ecology. 81:3074–3086. (pdf)
  • Seidler, T. G., and J. B. Plotkin. 2006. Seed dispersal and spatial pattern in tropical trees. PLoS Biology 4:2132–2137. (pdf)

Oct 31 – Global change and environmental filtering

  • Thuiller, W., S. Lavergne, C. Roquet, I. Boulangeat, B. Lafourcade, and M. B. Araujo. 2011. Consequences of climate change on the tree of life in Europe. Nature 470:531–534. (pdf)
  • Reu, B., S. Zaehle, R. Proulx, K. Bohn, A. Kleidon, R. Pavlick, and S. Schmidtlein. 2011. The role of plant functional trade-offs for biodiversity changes and biome shifts under scenarios of global climatic change. Biogeosciences 8:1255–1266. (pdf)

Nov 7 – Tipping points and multiple steady states

  • Chase, J.M. 2003. Community assembly: when should history matter? Oecologia, 136(4): 489-498. (pdf)
  • Fukami, T., and Nakajima, M. 2011. Community assembly: alternative stable states or alternative transient states? Ecology Letters, 14(10): 973-984. (pdf)

Nov 14 – Importance of spatial and temporal scale

  • Karst, J., B. Gilbert, and M. J. Lechowicz. 2005. Fern community assembly: The roles of chance and the environment at local and intermediate scales. Ecology 86:2473–2486. (pdf)
  • Leibold, M. A., M. Holyoak, N. Mouquet, P. Amarasekare, J. M. Chase, M. F. Hoopes, R. D. Holt, J. B. Shurin, R. Law, D. Tilman, M. Loreau, and A. Gonzalez. 2004. The metacommunity concept: a framework for multi-scale community ecology. Ecology Letters 7:601–613. (pdf)

Nov 21 – Experimental community assembly

  • Fargione, J., C. Brown, and D. Tilman. 2003. Community assembly and invasion: an experimental test of neutral versus niche processes. PNAS 101:8916-8920. (pdf)
  • Jiang, L. and S.N. Patel. 2008. Community assembly in the presence of disturbance: a microcosm experiment. Ecology 89:1931-1940. (pdf)

Nov 28 – Thanksgiving Break
Dec 5 – Big data approaches to understanding assembly


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