Seminar Details


Printable Course Flyer (pdf)

Biol 6750 sec 007

Graduate Seminar
1 credit hour

Course Description

This course will explore important contemporary papers (from the last 10 years) that are pioneering new methods of studying ecological community assembly.  The course will be organized as a seminar in which each week a different paper or concept is shared with the group.  The emphasis of the course will be on the intersection of different approaches to understanding community assembly including but not limited to the role of functional traits, phylogenetic conservatism, dispersal limitation, environmental filtering, and eco-evolutionary dynamics.  The papers will cover theoretical, experimental, and data-intensive evidence for the importance of different mechanisms underlying species coexistence, abundance, and spatial and temporal distributions.

Day and Time– Thursday, 2pm in BNR 132

Advanced undergraduates allowed with permission.

If you are interested in attending contact:

Dr. Daniel J. McGlinn
Department of Biology, BNR 132
@danmcglinn on twitter


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